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Taiwan’s Robot Industry Is Shaping Up as Ever More Companies Are Engaged


As more and more local companies have decided to pour resources into R&D of advanced robots and related technology at a time when smart manufacturing and industrial automation have become trends, Taiwan’s robot industry is shaping up to have a relatively promising future. Presently, among the f

AAPEX2017 Again Lived Up to Its Solid Name as Most Influential Exhibition for Auto Aftermarket in North America


Held annually at Sands Expo in Las Vegas, the U.S., AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo) has ended another successful year and unveiled future trends of the continuously growing auto aftermarket and car servicing industries through a great deal of innovative products brought by exhibitors.

Tesor Plus Corp.--Vehicle security alarms, wireless immobilizers, smartphone remote control & tracking, parking sensors and related accessories


Founded in 1989 by top management professionals and expert R&D engineers, Taiwan-based Tesor Plus Corp., specializes in the design and manufacture of various vehicle security alarms, wireless immobilizers, smartphone remote control & tracking, parking sensors and related accessories. In respons

PDT Co., LTD-The veteran automatic dispenser maker


PDT Co., LTD, founded in 2003 in Taoyuan of northern Taiwan, is specialized in manufacturing automatic dispensers, aiming to provide customers high quality products and satisfying ODM, and OEM services. Mohno Pump, developed by PDT, is a high precision feeding system, featuring precise outflow

Tesor of Taiwan Launches BT-25HD/4.0 Smartphone Fingerprint Wireless Relay Immobilizer


In response to the continuously climbing popularity of smartphones incorporated with biometric identification technologies for enhanced security, Taiwan-based Tesor Plus Corp., a specialized developer and supplier of car security alarms, immobilizers, smartphone remote controls and ADAS (advanced d

Main Horn Industrial Co., Ltd.--Steering and suspension system parts


Since established in 1959, Main Horn Industrial Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the manufacturing of steering and suspension system parts for most car makes and models from Japan, Korea, America and Europe. The firm supplies drag links, tie rod ends, rack ends, idler arms, pitman arms, ball join

AAPEX 2016 Remains Largest Auto Aftermarket Trade Fair in North America--Over 70,000 visitors and 2,200 exhibitors attended trade fair to generate tremendous potential for business


Held annually at Sands Expo in Las Vegas, the U.S., AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo) is the largest trade fair for the aftermarket in North America, as well as world’s second most influential only next to the biennial Automechanika Frankfurt of Germany. With auto sales in North Ameri

An Jee Rubber Co., Ltd.--Brake master cylinder repair kits, clutch operating cylinder repair kits, single master cylinder repair kits, brake hoses, cup kits, rubber parts


Founded in 1985 in Chiayi County, southern Taiwan, An Jee Rubber Co., Ltd. is a veteran maker of rubber parts and brake and clutch repair kits for cars and motorcycles with over 30 years of experience. The company’s product lineup encompasses brake master cylinder repair kits, clutch master cyli

William Tools Co., Ltd.--High-performance torque wrenches


Founded in 1999 in central Taiwan, William Tools Co., Ltd. has recently released several practical torque wrenches, including the 36451-coded patented dual-way torque wrench featuring consistent torque performance and a ratchet wrench boasting unlimited turning angle. To enable different users t

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016 to Feature New Position, New Exhibits and New Look--Globally top-3 ICT trade fair to serve as coliseum for global ICT startups with impressive innovations.


COMPUTEX TAIPEI is set to open from May 31 to June 4, 2016. As the ICT industry has been developing, expanding and transforming from just computers and accessories to IoT and endless innovations for the past few years, this year’s COMPUTEX TAIPEI will impress visitors with various new features to r

AROPEC SPORTS CORP.--Functional garments for diving, swimming, triathlon, marathon, cycling, outdoor sports etc.


Established in 1963, AROPEC SPORTS CORP. is a leading company in Taiwan specializing in design, development and manufacture of high-quality products and functional garments for water sports and outdoor sports, all of which being widely welcome by customers in about 90 countries. AROPEC's qua

Leading Machine Tool Makers in Taiwan See Market Momentum Building in H1, 2016 but Faster Growth in H2


The recognized leading makers of machine tools and components in Taiwan, including Hiwin Technologies Corp., Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd., Kao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd., Shih Yih Machinery Co., Ltd., and Taiwan Takisawa Technology Co., Ltd., are projected to grow at annual rate ranging from two

Hong Kong Creates World’s No.1 Lighting Trade Fair with 2-in-1 Event--Four-day event draws 2,727 exhibitors and about 50,000 buyers


A total of 2,727 exhibitors form countries drew nearly 50,000 buyers to the 17th Autumn Edition of the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (LFAE) and the inaugural World of Outdoor Lighting & Lighting Accessories (WOLLA), making the two-in-one trade event the world’s biggest lighting marketplace,

EMO Milano 2015 Rounds Off with Strong Turnout Amid Optimism for Continual Recovery--Trade show hosts some 1,600 exhibitors from 42 countries or up 12% from 2009 edition


With the European Central Bank recently hinting strongly of more quantitative easing to fuel the slowing economic recovery in the EU and amid growing optimism toward the continuous recovery of the global machine-tool market in 2015, EMO Milano 2015 rounded off with strong turnout and mixed impressi

Zhejiang DLZ Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.--Suspension parts, auto parts, ball joints, tie rod ends, rack ends, Pitman arms, idler arms, bushings, control arms, etc.


Founded in 1991, Zhejiang DLZ Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (DLZ), is an ISO 9001: 2008- and ISO/TS 16949-certified company specializing in developing and manufacturing high-quality automotive suspension and steering parts mainly for the global replacement aftermarket. The maker globally

Benison Shows Its Forte in Robot-integrated Packaging Machinery Developed Jointly with Hiwin--The Delta-robot-integrated packaging machine affixes labels with human dexterity


Producing packaging machines has been a sizable part of Taiwan’s machinery industry, with strong global presence over the past few decades mostly thanks to insiders’ steady investment in R&D to enhance added-value for customers by delivering quality machines and services. However, the sector, as is

Autotex Machinery Co., Ltd.--Robots for plastic processing machines, take-out robots, ultrasonic cleaners, mold monitors


Founded in 1987, Autotex Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing precision instruments, including robotic arms, mainly for plastic processing machinery. The firm’s robots are sought-after by professionals in Japan and Southeast Asia. Autoex’s products include wing type ro

Shin Yi Automobile Industrial Co., Ltd.--Automotive steering parts, suspension parts etc.


Founded in 1983, Shin Yi Automobile Industrial Co., Ltd. is a veteran company specializing in making automotive steering and suspension parts in Taiwan. The ISO 9001-approved maker has adopted the latest technologies, materials, and most advanced equipments to turn out high-quality products. Wi

Hwang Yu Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.--Ball joints, tie rod ends, rack ends, center links, control arms, brake calipers, etc.


Hwang Yu Automobile Parts Co. Ltd. of Taiwan, a leading supplier of steering, suspension and brake parts in the international automotive aftermarket (AM) with over 40 years of manufacturing experience, confirms its participation of the upcoming Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) 2015 to b

Lu Chou Machinery Works--Rocker arms, valve lifters, rocker shafts, cam shafts, tappets, filters, fuel pumps, water pumps, oil pumps


Thanks to long-term devotion to the business, the ISO 9002-certified Lu Chou Machinery Works has grown into Taiwan's largest supplier of rocker arms, valve lifters, and cam shafts for the global automotive aftermarket. With constant investment in product development and smooth business growth,

Tesor Plus Corp.--Smartphone Remote Control & Tracking System, Smartphone Home Automation


Founded in 1987, the ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified Tesor Plus Corp. specializes in design and manufacture of GPS Tracking System, Smartphone Tracking & Security, Smartphone Home Automation & Security, Smartphone Garage Remote Control, Touch-Screen 2-Way Alarm & Starter, LCD Display 2-Way Alarms, D

Longho Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.--Engine mounts, control arm bushings, radiator hoses, stabilizer links, etc.


Founded in 1977, Longho Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. is now a leading maker of automotive rubber parts as engine mounts, control arm bushings, radiator hoses, stabilizer links, and other rubber items, with high reputations among customers for its complete knowledge of “OE know-how” since 1992.

Sino-Pacific Source Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Suspension system parts, steering system parts, rubber parts, control arms, rubber bushings, aluminum forgings, engine mounts, etc.


Founded in 1997, Sino-Pacific Source Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a versatile supplier of various kinds of parts for automotive suspension, steering, transmission and other systems. The firm opened an advanced forging factory in 1998, rolling out both forged steel and aluminum items mainly for automo

Camco Auto Sangyo Co., Ltd.--Performance-tuning auto and truck parts and accessories


Performance-tuning or high-performance parts and accessories is undoubtedly one of the fastest-changing segments in the global auto-parts business in recent years; so players have to be more careful and adopt right strategies to better survive in a lull, while waiting for another crest in demand, s

Shih Hsiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.--Automotive suspension parts, control arms etc.


Shih Hsiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is the largest and most comprehensive supplier of aftermarket (AM) suspension and steering parts in Taiwan, being a global leader in product comprehensiveness. Since its inception in 1978, Shih Hsiang has made steady and intensive investments in product developme

Diterna Auto Parts Co., Ltd.--Automotive rubber parts, engine mounts, control arm bushings, strut mounts, air intake hoses, stabilizer bushings, etc.


Diterna Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of metal/rubber auto parts in Taiwan, boasting top-end manufacturing techniques, ample experience and advanced know-how. Founded in 1990, the company has been exporting quality products to global automakers on original equipment (OE) and ori

Long Tai Yu Co., Ltd.--Control arm bushings, transmission/shock absorber boots, brake linings, etc.


With abundant experience and know-how in the auto-parts industry, Long Tai Yu Co., Ltd. is both a developer and a trader of automotive parts and accessories. The firm is known for providing trustworthy and satisfactory services, top-quality, durable products, and specialized insight on troubleshoot

MediaTek of Taiwan Rumored to Merge IC Designer Nvidia of U.S.


Market rumors being reported in media say that MediaTek Inc. of Taiwan, recognized as the largest cellphone chipset supplier in Asia, may merge leading graphic IC design company Nvidia Corp. of the U.S. to jointly tap the lucrative automotive application market, on which MeidaTek has declined to co

ChinaPlas 2015 Lives up to Reputation as Must-attend Show for Plastic-processing Machinery and Technologies--Key event hosts 3,200-plus exhibitors from 39 nations


Compiled by STEVE CHUANG Just as the plastics industry gave birth to one of the pioneering industrial giants in Taiwan, the sector is proving to be a driving force in China, with advanced plastic technologies and machinery displayed at the ChinaPlas 2015 (29th International Exhibition on Plastic

Choice Only Showcases Choicee Qee Robot with High Street Cred at Computex Taipei 2015


With globally proven designing capability stemming from partnerships with such world-caliber designer brands as Ed Hardy of the U.S. and Toy2R of Hong Kong, Taiwan-based Choice Only International Ent. Co., Ltd., a developer and branded vendor of 3C products and related accessories, is going to impr