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Tsai Hsing Fa Co., Ltd. is an experienced Auto Repair Tool & Equipment Exporter in Taiwan. For the past several years, Tsai Hsing Fa Co., Ltd. is always working on Automotive Repair field, try best to benefit customers' need and try to offer a fully series of Auto Repair Tool & Equipment with quality products. Under this main basic self-requirement, the clients have already webbed all over the world.The main product line includes: General Tools, Auto Repair Tool, Auto-Body Repair Tool, Engine Repair Tool, Tire Repair Tool, Electric System Repair Tool, Car Door & Window Repair Tool, Under-Car ... {read more}

Product Categories

General Tool

General Tool/Socket Wrench/Air tools

Boat Mechanic Tool

Boat-use Mechanic Tools

Auto-Body Repair Tools

Auto Body Repair Tool

Engine Repair Tool

22PCS Alternator repair set

Tire Repair Tool

Tire Repair Tool

Battery & Electrical Repair Tool

Electrical System Repair Tool

Car Door & Windown Repair Tools

Car Door & Window Repair Tool

Under-Car Repair Tool

Hyundai / Kia R engine oil filter cup wrench (PAT.)

Braking Repair Tool

Braking System Repair Tool

Aluminum Impact Wrench

1/2" Dr. Twin-Hammer Air Impact Wrench

Composite Impact Wrench Series

3/4" Dr. Super Duty Composite Impact Wrench

Grinder Series

4" Angle Grinder with Turn Throttle

Air Screwdriver

Air Positive Clutch Screwdriver

Air Ratchet Wrench

Ultra Duty Air Ratchet Wrench

Air Drill

3/8" Non-Reversible Drill

Composite Micro Tool

3/8" Air Composite Reversible Drill


Contact Information

Address:No. 39, Taihe 5th St., Beitun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 40661