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Mobile Biohazard Purification System EP-2000
Mobile Biohazard Purification System EP-2000

Model:EP-2000 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1、 Product Information :
The EP-2000 Mobile Biohazard Purification System is the latest heavy-duty development for the oxy-hydrogen generator. The high-temperature Oxy-Hydrogen flame is used to perform efficient, environment-friendly biohazard purification tasks in a self-contained mobile platform. It is capable of handling infectious waste on site. Currently, hazardous waste is transported to an incinerator plant for processing, which poses a risk of dispersion during transport. The most significant implication of a Mobile Biohazard Purification System is that it is like a fire engine for extinguishing epidemics. In critical situations, multiple units can be quickly dispatched at the first instance of a threat; to tackle epidemics such as SARS, Bird Flu, etc. Bringing the incinerator to the problem site significantly reduces the spread of highly contagious diseases. When not being used in emergency situations, this system can be used for handling a variety of other wastes, making it very useful and cost effective. The Mobile Biohazard Purification System is the best tool available for environment protection organizations to promote the Earth’s protection and enhance human health.

2、 Applications :
Epidemic control of SARS, Bird Flu, etc., for mobile and swift elimination of viruses; hospital and medical waste, and case-specific waste disposal for communities, factories, military compounds, and campuses

3、 System Introduction :
EP-2000 MBPS main components: “Power System”, “Combustion System” and “Exhaust System”.

(1) Power System
a. Diesel Generator: provides electricity needed by the entire EP-2000 system b. Oxy-Hydrogen Generators: provide oxy-hydrogen fuel for burning waste
(2) Combustion System
a. Primary Furnace: 20,000 Kcal‘s dual-fuel burner (diesel /Oxy-Hydrogen). Working temperature from 600 to 800℃ in order to reduce waste volume and separate elemental gases b. Secondary Furnace: 30,000 Kcal‘s dual-fuel burner (diesel /Oxy-Hydrogen). Working temperature from 800 to 1100℃ and can completely burn remaining waste from primary furnace (dissolution temperature of dioxin is 1050℃) c. Heat-Resistant temperature of entire furnace up to 1600℃

(3)Exhaust System
a. Quenching Tower: sprays alkaline mist (water with sodium hydroxide) to lower the temperature from1100 to150℃, neutralize acidity gas and vitrify remained dust b. Multi-bag Scrubber: high-efficiency long tube type filter elements used in order to filter all the remaining particles c. Active Carbon Filter: micro-particle and odor filter

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