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SUZUKI Ultrasonic Cutter
SUZUKI Ultrasonic Cutter

Model:SUW 30CTL、SUW30CD、SUW30CMH Country of Origin:Japan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Generator (SUW-30CD)
Oscillation Frequency: 40 KHZ
Ultrasonic wave output: 35W (continue adjustable 10~100%)
Oscillation Method: Resonance Frequency Automatic Tracking
Power Supply / Fuse: AC100V 50 / 60HZ / 0.7A
Dimensions & Weight: W180*D175*H79mm / 1.6 kg
2. Handle Piece (SUW-30CD)
Vibrator: PZT type
Dimensions & Weight: Φ34 mm*L 216 mm;0.3 kg
Wire length : 2.0 m

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