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Parting Locks
Parting Locks

Model:PO Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:POM TEMP (Under 150°C) Screw:SCM-435 Color:Yellow、Orange

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Characteistics & Installation Mothed
1. To adjust the obligue screw what produce friction between mold board & resin to buffer open/close function between mold boards.
2. To use special import resin with good friction resistance & good heat resistance.
3. To put the resin into Type 3mm to higher the stability.
4. PLS grind the hole of board of Type “face to face” to rebate insert hole of plane to avoid damage.
5. To adjust screw into the necessary stretch ability, after using a period of time, PLS adjust again (micro-adjust).
6. Please do not add any oil avoid the reduction of friction resistance.

PO-12 d=11 M=6 B=5 H=3.5 L=20 S=8 D=12
PO-13 d=11 M=6 B=5 H=3.5 L=20 S=8 D=13
PO-16 d=14 M=8 B=6 H=4 L=25 S=10 D=16
PO-20 d=16 M=10 B=8 H=5 L=30 S=10 D=20

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