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Spiral Fluted Machine Taps-M (JIS)
Spiral Fluted Machine Taps-M (JIS)

Model:T6BE Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:HSS-EV

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

10 pcs / set

M2x0.4 L1=42 L2=9.5 D1=3 a=2.5 CODE NO.=T6BE-0200B / T6BE-0200N / T6BE-0200T
M2.5x0.45 L1=44 L2=9.5 D1=3 a=2.5 CODE NO.=T6BE-0250B / T6BE-0250N / T6BE-0250T
M3x0.5 L1=46 L2=11 D1=4 a=3.2 CODE NO.=T6BE-0300B / T6BE-0300N / T6BE-0300T
M4x0.7 L1=52 L2=13 D1=5 a=4 CODE NO.=T6BE-0400B / T6BE-0400N / T6BE-0400T
M5x0.8 L1=60 L2=16 D1=5.5 a=4.5 CODE NO.=T6BE-0500B / T6BE-0500N / T6BE-0500T
M6x1 L1=62 L2=19 D1=6 a=4.5 CODE NO.=T6BE-0600B / T6BE-0600N / T6BE-0600T
M8x1.25 L1=70 L2=22 D1=6.2 a=5 CODE NO.=T6BE-0800B / T6BE-0800N / T6BE-0800T
M10x1.5 L1=75 L2=24 D1=7 a=5.5 CODE NO.=T6BE-1000B / T6BE-1000N / T6BE-1000T
M12x1.75 L1=82 L2=29 D1=8.5 a=6.5 CODE NO.=T6BE-1200B / T6BE-1200N / T6BE-1200T
M14x2 L1=88 L2=30 D1=10.5 a=8 CODE NO.=T6BE-1400B / T6BE-1400N / T6BE-1400T
M16x2 L1=95 L2=32 D1=12.5 a=10 CODE NO.=T6BE-1600B / T6BE-1600N / T6BE-1600T
M20x2.5 L1=105 L2=37 D1=15 a=12 CODE NO.=T6BE-2000B / T6BE-2000N / T6BE-2000T

Unit: mm

B=Polishing (Original color)
T=TiN Coating


Spiral Fluted Machine Taps-M (JIS)
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