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Multi-Adjustment, Fixed Frame Power Chair
Multi-Adjustment, Fixed Frame Power Chair

Model:HS-6500 Country of Origin:Taiwan Color:Burgundy‧Blue‧Silver

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The CTM HS-6500 is a highly maneuverable power folding chair with multi-adjustable features suitable for every user. HS-6500 is not only the traditional folding chair that conveniently disassembles and folds for easy transportation, but also it is equipped with many attractive features to satisfy users' variety of needs. It allows you to adjust the seat width from 14" to 20" and seat depth from 16" to 18". The back of the chair can also be adjusted in both height and angle to users' preference. CTM HS-6500's desirability increases masses due to its battery life allowing for longer travel range. Its high performance yet low maintenance cost provide the user with a very practical worry free solution for an active daily life.

‧Maximum Speed : 8 kmph / 5 mph
‧Capacity : 136 kg / 300 lbs
‧Durable Structure
‧Seat Width / Back Angle Adjustable
‧Height Adjustable Armrests
‧Left / Right Side Exchangeable Controller
‧Length Adjustable Controller Assembly
‧Standard 36Ah Batteries (50Ah Option) for longer travel range.

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