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Dotting, Sealing, Cutting and Automatic Winding Machine
Dotting, Sealing, Cutting and Automatic Winding Machine

Model:BJAHPC Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

• In the event of film breakage, insufficient pressure, or lack of tube, the machine stops automatically and an alarm sounds to alert the operator.
• Fully automatic rewinding control detected by photocell sensor, requires no manual control.
• High production capability.The machine provides production three times higher than conventional models.
• The machine is suited for various types of bags such as: printed bags, flat bags, gussets bags, and rewinding bags.
• The unit can perform dotting, T-shirt bag punching, and automatic rewinding.
• A magnetic clutch and brake are employed to reduce sealing & cutting errors to the minimum.
• Photocell tracking ensures accurate positioning of the figures on the bag.

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