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GW-1 guestWiFi Account Generator
GW-1 guestWiFi Account Generator

Model:GW-1 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The GW-1 guestWiFi account generator is designed as 300Mbps high speed wireless gateway/WiFi router for enterprises and schools to provide guests a secure WiFi hotspot network in their meeting room, guest lobby and library. It is deployed by MIS simply as adopting IP plug and play technology, all a guest has to do is to generate a guest account with a single click, and with a press of a button the guest ID will be shown on the display instantly. Guests can enjoy high-speed Internet connection and just follow four steps: press the key, find guest SSID, enter WPA2, Open brower & enter ID and surf the Internet. MIS have no need to re-configure any of their device IP settings including DHCP, DNS, proxy, dynamic and static IP address assignments. It is a solution for guest network.
The GW-1 enables MIS to secure the Internet access in different network segments for guests and employees as it enhances security and firewall functions by utilizing layer 2 isolation. The GW-1 provides a customizable user-friendly management interface that supports web-based authentication, 20 simultaneous users and up to 256 account users, and marketing cooperation.


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