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IB-8 Rugged Tablet PC
IB-8 Rugged Tablet PC


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The i-Mobile IB-8 Tablet PC is a full rugged and powerfully equipped tablet PC. This rugged tablet PC integrated with 8” touch screen and a high performance, low power consumption Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail quad-core processor. The new Atom Bay Trail solution performs brilliantly with low power consumption. The GPU is even 5 times efficient than Cedar Trail. With options for a 2D barcode scanner, magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader, RFID, and dual front & rear camera, these rugged tablets offer seamless information capture for immediate transmission. IB-8 is a fan less design and compliant IP65 water and dust proof protection. This robust tablet PC IB-8 works up to full 10 hours with one time battery charge and supports hot swap. With an outdoor-viewable display integrated with touch screen, the rugged mobile PC IB-8 performs efficient outdoor as well. IB-8 offers a blend of performance, integrated features and mobility. Rugged tablet PC IB-8 helps every user to work smarter and more effectively. This industrial level tablet IB-8 also helps to achieve e-paper for environment protection.

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