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Car Four-Wheel Lock

Car Four-Wheel Lock

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Features: Two-step 360-dcgree rotating bat lock firmly supports the gearshift knob, suitable for left-or right-hand drive. Extension length and rotating angle adjustable for any car model use. Heat-treated item, high performance, high security, compact size, and easy storage. Our gearshift locks are wrapped with TPR, the TPR withstands temperatures ranging from -50°C to 100°C. AS-W1 is a superior-model precision anti-theft car lock matched with a key that's made with precision 3-D CNC machinery. The lock body is sturdy and durable. Compact, no installation required, this is a user-friendly high-performance anti-theft car lock. The Car Four-Wheel Lock has been patented in Taiwan NEW 212194 , mainland China ZL 03 2 30177.4 , Japan 3101339 , the USA US6,708,536B1 , and Germany 203 08 398.9 . The instruction of operation: 1、 Space-saving and can be stored in any kind of glove compartment. 2、 Push the gearshift lever to “P” (as for manual-drive transmission, push the gearshift lever forward), then pull up the hand brake lever. Turn the socket of our anti-theft lock clockwise to a proper angle and sleeve it onto the hand brake lever. Make sure that the socket, the lock, and gearshift lever are in a straight line. 3、 Pull the main lock unit forward after the socket is sleeved onto the hand brake lever, making the U-groove firmly support the gearshift lever. The maximum distance between the hand brake lever and the auto gearshift lever is 25cm. Packing:12 PCS, N.W.: 16.45 KGS, G.W.:17.45 KGS, CUFT' 1.46'

Car Four-Wheel Lock
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