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CART Firefighting equipment

CART Firefighting equipment

CART Firefighting equipment
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The one-of-a-kind, innovated creation in the world, is Fire Motorbike! It’s replacing the traditional fire engine because of its features of compact, convenience and mobility. This makes fire extinguishing a simple way. Please see the website below for reference:

The mobility, you can totally observe from the video. Besides, for balancing, we do make biggest effort. But, we focus on fire extinguishing! Right? Please see the website below for reference:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5GupSlou-U A10 Standard(5 sets of pine), the Fire Motorbike can put out the fire within 30 seconds.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS7s-VLrmMQ&feature=youtu.be CPC B80 Gasoline tank fire-extinguishing performance, B80 gasoline measured 400CM*400CM, it only takes 80s to put out the fire by Fire Motorbike. It uses less water.

The reason why Fire Motorbike can put out the fire rapidly is because we put the water, foam and air together. And we spout it by high pressure pumping. The most important is that its super fine foam which is similar to nano particles and with adhesive and vertical structure. That makes the fire won’t burn again.

And the second, Semi-fixed Fire Extinguishing System weighs 50kg. It’s much lighter than the traditional fire engine(2000kg). The advantage is portable. For example, Even the Aerial ladder fire-fighting truck can’t put out the fire for skyscrapers over 20 floors. To think that we have one Semi-fixed Fire Extinguishing System in each floor. For immediate fire-extinguishing, it will be very quick and rapid! Please see the website for reference:

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