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Model:MC432A,B MC440A,B Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Auto CAD downloadMC432A, MC432B, MC440A, MC440B

1.Front chain wheel is materialized by FCD55 reaching the highest strength and stability.
2.Two sets of roller bearings are installed on front wheel shaft. This design enhances the loading capacity and quality.
3.Roller bearing is installed on the front wheel. The loading capacity can be increased and the rotation smoothness can be promoted.
4.Cylindrical cam is employed for disk indexing on front chain wheel. It is materialized by CR-MO alloy steel and machined in one set-up. The highest accuracy and stability are kept all the time.
5.The cylindrical can is specially design to fix and position adjustment can be easily done in a second.
6.Cylindrical cam was fixed by two cone bearings. The loading capacity is enhanced and quality is more stable.
7.Tool counting block was fixed by keyway design. The angle is absolutely correct and no lose motion happened.
8.Tool counting system is designed for approximate switch. The highest reliability is easily reached.
9.German-made approximate switch is enhancing the utmost reliability.
10.The front wheel disk rotation is driven by 1:1 ratio gear set. The transmission is effectively reached without lose motion.
11.Transmission gear set is two sets of spur gears. The assembly and maintenance are simple and reliable.
12.Transmission motor is designed vertically making the adjustment of backlash as soon as possible.
13.Home point design on tool magazine with approximate switch makes the wiring connection as easy as possible.
14.Tool pocket up/down is moved by pneumatic cylinder. The reliable movement can be easily reached.
15.Tool pocket up/down cylinder combined with transmission spur gear enhance the capacity of heavy loading.
16.Gear rack and spur gear combined with eccentric wheel make the tool pocket up/down movement as accurate as possible.
17.Eccentric wheel design incorporating with adjusting screw move the tool pocket to the optimum potion for smooth up/down operation.
18.Special design on tool pocket up/down, there is no bumping and tool-falling problem when the air pressure was inflated. This design can absolutely avoid the collision to the spindle.
19.S45C Clamping Jaws was machined in one set-up. The highest strength and reliability are reached.
20.Clamping jaws was machined by CNC machine tools and treated by high frequency. The longest life of operation is reached.

Auto CAD downloadMC432A, MC432B, MC440A, MC440B

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