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Cable Tie in Special Application
Cable Tie in Special Application Hot

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Low Temperature Cable Tie -40°C
Low temperature cable ties offer enhanced flexibility in extreme environments. These cable ties are manufactured from special plastic material that is rated at -40°C (per ISO180), and tested for application performance at -25°C. Various capacities and lengths are available to meet your needs.

High Temperature Cable Tie - 150 °C max.
High Temperature is a key issue from the automotive industry to aerospace, rail and shipping. Polyamide 4.6 is suitable for temperature applications up to 150° C. Besides its resistance to high temperatures, PA46 is also highly rigid, products also offer good fire safe properties at higher temperatures and excellent resistance to chemicals. Therefor,PA46 cable ties have excellent performance in high temperature environments and have been widely used in automotive, railway or white goods.

Flame Retardant Cable Tie / V0 Cable Tie
The flame retardant cable ties are made by UL 94-V0 PA66. Ideally suited for bundling and securing cables, pipes and hoses. These cable ties can be used for almost any type of application especially where safety regulations are high and the reduction of smoke and dangerous gases is required.The products are most critically used within public sector areas – particularly in the rail, construction and defence industry.They are also recommended for installations in tunnels and oil and gas rigs.

Weather Resistance Cable Tie
Exposure to the sun can break down the polymers in cable ties, causing them to crack, change color, and become brittle.UV resistant cable ties are the ideal option for high ultraviolet environments.UV resistant cable ties are made by incorporating stabilizers in the nylon resin, adding to the functionality that they provide. They are produced to be considered a weather resistant grade, with enduring additional UV light being the most important added benefit. . UV cable ties are great for both indoor and outdoor uses, especially in the solar industry.

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