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Helical Disk Planetary Reducer

Helical Disk Planetary Reducer

HDR Series
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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Yuan Yi Chang Machinery Co., Ltd.
Website: http://www.yycdrives.com/

Capabilities of YYC Planetary Reducers-HDR Series:
●Type Levels
64/90/110/140/200 mm
●Ratio Levels
1.Single Stage(L1): 4/5/7/10
2.Double Stage(L2): 20/25/30/35/40/50/70/100
● Backlash Levels
P0: L1≦1 ;L2≦3
P1: L1≦3 ;L2≦5
P2: L1≦5 ;L2≦7
● Output Shaft keyway:
1. S1: Standard, w/ keyway.
2. S2: Solid output, w/o keyway.

Yuan Yi Chang Machinery has 40 years of experience, with ISO 9001 certificate and work projects with Industrial Technology Research Institute. Corresponding to smart manufacturing trend globally, YYC offers different series of transmission parts and equipment including Rack, Guideway Rack, Pinion, Roller, Planetary Reducers, Servo Worm Gearboxes, Backlash Free Reducers.
Our major clients include all kinds of industries and fields such as CNC machines, machine centers, wood-cutting machines, printing machines, cutting machines, gantry milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, bending machines, robotic arms, automatic storage equipment, automatic upload & unload track, ATV, aircraft carrier, semiconductor plant, cranes, including 7th axis application in Industry 4.0, and so on.
YYC has excellent quality capability. In 2015, we earned Best Enterprise of National Brand Yu-Shan Award. In 2016, our Ultra High Precision Rack and Pinion won Best Products of National Brand Yu-Shan Award and Golden Torch Prize.
Yuan Yi Chang has marketed by brand name “YYC” which means “You drive, You Control!” Every driven part with outstanding quality, so the performance is under customer’s control. Products are target on middle to high end markets. Currently, we are exporting nearly 50 countries. To have more customers’ satisfactions is our continuous goal.

If want to obtain more information about product, please refer to website of YYC.
Website: http://www.yycdrives.com/

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