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Oil Hydraulic Machine (Hot Press)
Oil Hydraulic Machine (Hot Press)

Model:FTD-580A, FTD-580B, FTD-680A, FTD-1000A, FTD-1000B, FTD-1000C, FTD-1000E, FTD-1300A, FTD-1600B

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Oil Hydraulic Machine (Electric & Steam Hot Press)
Applications: EVA foaming, PVC foaming, Rubber foaming, for making plastic plates.
Specialist manufacturer of industrial machineries as here under listed:
1. HYD. EVA Moulded wedge cold-hot presses
2. HYD. EVA Primary fast-foaming machines.
3. HYD. EVA foaming machines.
4. HYD. Rubber sole machines
5. HYD. Rubber-Plastic tile floor machines.
6. HYD.Wood & Bamboo forming machines.
7. HYD. PVC forming machines.
8. HYD. Rubber foaming machines.
9. HYD. Sports equipments forming machines.
10. HYD. Industrial forming machines.
11. General Industrial Rubber mouldings, Oil Seal, Packing.
12. Copper-clad resing fiber board bakelite laminates.
13. Multi-layer printed circuit board.

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