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Cutting Machine
Cutting Machine

Model:RW-9804 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* This m/c has a wholely hydarulic automatic-control system applicable to leather ,plastic sheet, bubble cotton fabric, toy fabric, E.V.A double side tape synthetic fiber and nonmetallic material forming cut- off operation.

* This machine has adopted a special hydraulic circuit and micro - computer solid state relay control, thus the cutting stroke is more accurate and reliable, lengthening the electric circuit life, extending the service life of machine. Its construction is also particularly rugged. Its operational cutting face permanently retains the required accuracy.
* It adopts left-right motion of swing arm, the cutting table has a wide field of view, its operation is easy, light and speedy. the large L.E.D displayer is easy to see and reliable. It's capable to set the cutting volume thus reducing the material losses and enhancing profits. It successfully achieves the requirements of cutting operation.

Cutting Machine
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