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Tungsten steel is the tooth of the industry and the most important industrial raw material in advanced nations. Every tungsten steel product from our company has undergone a 100% high pressure burning treatment.

We have built a good reputation among worldwide customers due to high product quality, punctual delivery, and competitive pricing. Thus, we have established long-term friendly relationships with quite a few customers.

In 1978, we founded our company in Tamsui, Taipei County, northern Taiwan for the manufacture of carbide tungsten. We set up our tungsten steel production base in mainland China in 1997.

Our first raw material/powder and alloy material plant in China was established in 1999. The second plant—an APT factory--was set up in 2000; followed by the third plant for alloy material and molds, which started formal operation in 2004.


CB Cardide, Tungsten, Carbide, Cemented Carbide, Mould, Mold, Dies, Tools, Nibs, Saw Blade, Saw Tips, Rod


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