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Since, 1995 we have started doing research and development on electric bicycles. After obtaining patents on transmission system, power controller, and other advanced technology, with initial capital of US$9 million, we established Kentfa Electric Bicycle Co., Ltd. in Kaohsiung in May 2001, technically cooperated with Astro Eng. Co., Ltd to produce electric bicycles.Astro Eng. Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for assembly and quality control of our electric bicycle products while we engages in R&D and marketing .
In 2003 we started development and test of 12”electric folding bike (Easy Link) and commenced commercial production and marketing in 2004. During this period we obtained patents in folding system covering countries of Taiwan, China, USA, UK, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, and Japan. Attributable to its outstanding folding function and portable convenience, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp. selected and appointed us to exclusively supply this 12”folding bicycle in May 2008 for passengers to go free on board as personal belongings. Later on 16”folding bike made its debut in August 2008 and 16”electric folding bike will be available in first half of 2009.


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