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Griffin Metal Co. Ltd. was founded in 1983, (previously known as Sheng-Wei Corp.). Griffin is the top, professional manufacturer of blind rivets. In its early days, Griffin worked closely with its clients and business partners, providing stable and high-quality products. Soon after, our annual productivity exceeded 600,000,000 pieces and Griffin developed professional and versatile processing technologies quickly. Based on its excellent technology and high quality products, Griffin is considered the top rivet vendor over the years.

In 1998, Griffin successfully developed pure iron blind rivets with the cold forging technology, the first successful manufacturer in Taiwan. With this new processing technology, Griffin provides a wider range of pure iron blind rivets and stainless steel blind rivets than any other manufacturer in Taiwan. To better serve out clients, Griffin has further developed special blind rivets such as multi-grip blind rivets, tri-fold rivets, close-end blind rivets, peel blind rivets and anlock blind rivets. Griffin provides our clients with customized product services to fit individual client’s special forging requirements and applications. At Griffin, we provide our clients with the best and the most comprehensive services.

Always eco-friendly, Griffin Metal Co. Ltd. provides products compliant with ROHS and all SGS regulations. Griffin assures its clients safe and eco-friendly products and helps protect the earth.

At Griffin Metal Co. Ltd, quality control is highly valued more, and we closely monitor all our production processes. In addition, we have purchased many quality control instruments. We carefully and prudently monitor and control the quality of each and every product we make to achieve the minimal tolerances and to deliver products of the best quality.


Rivets, Blind Rivets, Blind Rivet Nut


Export Percentage: 80%
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: GRIFFIN
Business Type: Manufacturer
Contact Person: Liao Wei-chi (Assistant)
Fan Shih-hsuan (Manager)

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