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Mold the system catches: elctronic mold; optics mold; hardware mold; medical service mold.
Processing product: electronic zero matches imitates; optics; the camera spare parts; hardware; medical spare parts.
We follow the business concepts of "Technology and Quality First and Always Provide the Best Possible Services" to remain competitive and grow steadily in the field. Top-grade equipments, is contented customer who one of the decision factor of the product quantity, we follow close behind the technology current of world, orientation society development demand, with its perfect hardware facilities, over hard management and professional technique talented person to higher request.


Molds, Dies, Tooling, Progressive Dies, Molds for Electronic Parts, Molds for Optical Parts, Molds for Healthcare Equipment Parts, Molds for Hardware Parts, Molds for Camera Parts & Accessories

Company: LY MING CO., LTD.

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