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PACSmate Technology Inc. is located in Taiwan and has very experienced R&D, manufacturing, sales & marketing and customer service teams. PACSmate is devoted to serving health care industry with reliable medical IT products, ensuring better healthcare quality for their patients. All PACSmate® medical products are ISO-9001, ISO-14000 and ISO-13485 compliant and are easily applied to a wide range of medical applications.

PACSmate is a medical-focused company, emphasizing on high-resolution medical displays and medical panel PCs. In the medical display category, PACSmate has developed both monochrome and color diagnostic displays. The market-leading technology, Grayboost®, enables simultaneous 12-bit grayscale images by general dual-link graphic card. The patented Grayboost® 12-bit grayscale technology maximizes grayscale precision and guarantees DICOM compliance, satisfying strict image requirement of radiologists. With the growing demand of high-brightness color displays used for diagnostic reading, PACSmate innovates the 30-bit ultra-high resolution series supporting deep color system. The PACSmate monitors were honored with "2008 Taiwan Excellence Award", the highest product accolade in Taiwan for innovative and high-quality products.

The additional POC medical panel PC series is a complete PC system with touch screen, perfectly used on medical cart and medical devices as a computing terminal. The all-in-one architecture performs perfectly as a high-performance computing platform. The integrated touch screen makes medical data entry much easier, facilitating e-medical recording and documentation. PACSmate's medical panel PC ensures reliable and real-time transfer of medical information over a high-speed network.

PACSmate Technology Inc. is 100 percent owned by the mother company, ICP Electronics Inc.. Becoming the member of ICP Group, PACSmate Technology Inc. shares marketing, innovation and manufacturing resources ICP Group has owned for a long term. PACSmate will then have a better opportunity to achieve its full potential as a top-rank medical-solution provider in Taiwan and overseas.


Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS), Point of Care (POC), Touch Screens, Monochrome Monitor, Tablet PC, Others


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