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Shenzhen Ruisi Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating with the development, production, sales and services of the automatic equipments.

Our company is committed to the creation and expansion of the automatic equipments, robots, industrial robots fields, has a number its own intellectual property (including but not limited the technology patent and software copyright), and has a complete of design and R&D of the software and hardware, processing of the precision machinery, system integration, industry-level industrial inspection capability.

At the beginning of the foundation, Ruisi Company relies on the rich experiences of the large equipment development project and strong development capacity, innovates independently, develops the compact high-speed chip mounter RS-15000 with its own intellectual property, and this model fills up the domestic gaps, replaces the imported equipment completely, not only the performance can compare with the machine with the same performance of U.S., Japan and South Korea, but also the operation is easy, the full Chinese graphical operation interface meets the detailed design if the ergonomic and more suites for the operation custom of Chinese, therefore, this machine was concerned and welcomed widely by the electronic production and processing enterprises and LED light manufacturing industry once launched.

We adhere the market-oriented business strategy, in order to fully meet the customer demand and achieve the customer value maximization, based on the principle of customer first and quality first, launch the cost-effective automatic equipments to the market, at the same time, provide the most complete, most timely and most effective after-sales services and technical support for the customers!

We adhere the concept of “the maximum value labor is creation, but is not the simple repeat!”, believes that the robots and the automatic equipments will replace the human to engage in the non-creative labor, and promotes the great improvement of the productivity level of the manufacturing industry. This is a broad stage to show their skills in Ruisi!

With the promotion of the process of the globalization of market, the low-value-added products has been not based on the global economic environment increasingly; in addition, with the repeatedly occurrence of the shortage of labor across the country, all industries is increasingly urgent the industry upgrading demand led by the advanced automatic equipment. As a new precision automatic equipment manufacturer, we take “Chinese creation help Chinese manufacturing” as our mission, every step shall take the improvement of the national industry automation level as the target, and make unremitting efforts for the continuous upgrading of achieving the manufacturing level of all industrial fields.


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