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Clean mobility and clean energy are two major challenges we are facing today. The automotive industry is actively working on the development of new electric powered vehicles. At the same time, conscious efforts to use renewable energy have increased the needs for energy storage device which can manage the variable power output of solar and wind systems.

The fundamental to the renewable energy lies on the rechargeable battery as a storage device. We offered a new class of rechargeable battery based on cathode material known as LFPO (Lithium Iron Phosphate Oxide.) This high power cathode material delivers superior performance, safety and has high recyclability in all energy storage applications. In particular, LFPO has emerged as the preferred material due to its overall superior performance and affordability.

LFPO is proven with superior electrochemical performance to meet critical properties with clean and build in green technology. To date it is also the most safe cathode material used in the rechargeable battery production. Renewable energy now play a more important role in the energy sector, we believe LFPO Battery is the key to success!


Solar Powered LED Street Light, Solar Powered Backup System, Solar Powered Portable Energy Storage System

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