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Since its formation in 1975, Dah-Maan Plastics has become established as a leader in the field of plastic injection molding and specialized plastics processing.
The company has the capability to produce a wide variety of complex components in an extensive range of materials, and has the flexibility to undertake both high volume and small batch operations with equal efficiency.
All Plastics places major emphasis on customer satisfaction, and ensures this by providing a comprehensive service covering every aspect of manufacture; from initial design advice and development through to market-ready production.
Dah-Maan is also the leading company in providing OEM products for Automotive Parts, Electronic Cases, House wares, Garden Tools, and Furniture Assemblies. Dah-Maan is committed to providing practical manufacture solutions to international businesses involved in plastic & metal product designs and their development initiatives. In our automotive production plant, injection machines are equipped up to 1100, 1250,1600, and 2500ton in clamping force.

We specialize in automotive assembly parts and large furniture and hardware assembly. Front and rear Bumpers, Grills are on the daily OEM production line. From electronic assembly production line, we also offer our customers in smaller range machine production from 120ton ~ 850ton. LCD monitor panel, Electronic device panel are commonly went through the assembly line and its sub-production phase. Our technologies involved in Mold designs, Injection, Surface Painting and Printing, Conductive Coating and Electroplating, Curvature Masking, and Silk-Screening. We strive to foster innovation by eliminating barriers, freeing the creative mind to explore beyond traditional boundaries.

We attempt to improve production, reduce cost by adapting new production technologies, alternating interchangeable material to achieve the competitive delivery price for our customers. We committed to profitability only if our customers are profitable to their products in the markets.


Flower Pots and Trellises, Special Structurcs, Floor Mats, Planting Trays, Seed Trays, Garden Ornaments, Plant and Flower Display Pots, Garden Fcnces, Railings, Mold, Plastic Injection, Injection Molds, PVC Products Molds, Mold & Plastic Injection, Plastic nursery bench plate, Plastic flowerpot, Garden planter, large-sized garden planter, black nursery pot, Propagation plate, Mold development, Garden appliances, Plastic products, Saucer for plastic pot, Autoparts and motorcycles, Garden tool, Garden Supplies, OEM Plastic injection


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