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Akust Taiwan is committed to transforming and upgrading household supplies and office stationery, bringing consumers better applications and convenience! With R&D capabilities and innovative thinking, and with18 years of OEM/ODM cooperation experience, we look forward to cooperating with you in the global market! Some products have also applied for SGS certification in Taiwan!

Our latest series of Taiwan-made Nano-Silver Ion, (Ag+) products can not only decompose odors in the air, but also achieve a 24-hour antibacterial effect on the surface of objects. It is colorless, odorless and non-irritating. The product type is only Silver Ion, (Ag+) particles, consumers can add water about 50 times to produces silver ion water that is 100 times the weight of Silver Ion, (Ag+). In today's environment where influenza or other infectious diseases are prevalent, it is a new product that needs to be carried with you!

In addition, we have a full range of USB-powered/rechargeable daily necessities, such as USB Motion Sensor Night Light that is caring about the safety of the elderly and young children at night. There is also the USB Ag+ Moisture Absorption & Deodorization Thermo Bag, which can not only be used for heat preservation, but also dehumidify and remove environmental odors!

In response to global climate abnormalities, we strongly recommend our Hydrobloat Anti-flooding Emergency Bag. It can absorb water and swell into sandbags within 3 minutes, to prevent flooding from invading houses or low-lying areas, such as basements or underground passages. An essential rainstorm emergency tool for homes and communities!

There are many newly developed products, and we look forward to your inquiries!


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