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We have totally 13 years experience in making EPS recycling machine.
Our machine is very durable and very easy for operation, if it is working in normal status, even it worked for 13 years still in good condition and we provide service
for the machine continuously. Our customers are from many countries worldwide.
Now the environment-friendly is global trend and EPS recycling machine just has chance to serve whole people community.
Now we have two types EPS waste recycling machines available:
Model 103 : Integrated operations from crushing, conveying, and melting to feeding and extruding.
Our Machine Features:
a.. High-efficiency and space-saving design, easy to deliver finished products.
b.. Environment friendly, smokeless, and odorless operation.
c.. Complete styrofoam waste recycling , which is another benefit.
d.. Easy operation, auto shutdown, auto forced feeding, auto control, and auto warning system.
e.. Auto oil sprayer for material cutters, auto motor protection.
Model 102 is compression type just work for dry EPS waste only.
Model 103 is hot melting type just work for EPS waste with little wet only (such as fish box).


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