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MAGPRO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 1996 and specializes in the manufacturing of automatic tool charger(ATC) systems for all kinds of vertical machining centers.
In the past 15 years, Taiwan's machine tool manufacturers have achieved strong presentation all over the world. The key factor is our qualified component suppliers. Presently, more and more suppliers are extending their business to the worldwide market for valuable partnerships and this is the target we are working toward now with our MAGPRO-brand line.
In Taiwan, Ganghao was the first company to set up assembly lines for all kinds of applications on automatic tool changers. Its product lines include carrousel type to double arm systems as well as chain type systems. All of them can be retrofitted for all C-type vertical machining centers (VMC) with different supporting brackets. Integrated with the latest R&D software, MAGPRO has served the best solution to upgrade the quality level and reliability of the Taiwanese & worldwide machine tool manufacturers since 1996.
On average, Ganghao's production capacity is 50 sets of automatic tool changers per month currently for all local manufacturers. Nine out of ten are shipped to countries excluding Taiwan and China under the trademarks of local VMC manufacturers. With updated technical information, the HSK63 series product lines featuring high-speed machining was developed some years ago, offering the highest performance and flexibility. We do believe the worldwide partnership will be successful, equipping with MAGPRO products on your vertical machining centers. Combined with the consistent R&D, professional production and qualified testing, MAGPRO is explaining our quality product lines with the highest rigidity, stability and reliability. Feedback from our machine tool manufacturer, they are deeply appreciated with our "caring technology"--that is "we are doing what our experienced customers want us to."
MAGPRO is looking for partnerships with all famous machine tools builders. We hope we can produce automatic tool changers for your esteemed company with the best prices ever.
MAGPRO sincerely invites your company to be our long-term partner in the promising vertical machining center industry. We guarantee that your company will benefit from retrofitting MAGPRO product lines. We will work intensively to meet your application requirements. If your company is positive to cooperate with us on OEM or ODM bases, please feel free to contact us anytime. & products.


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