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产品型号:Spring1 原产地:中国, 台湾


Here are the basic spring styling and a part of our products.
Springs in other styles or special bending sharps can also be made according to your design.

Capacity: Wire Diameter: ø0.1 mm ~ ø3.0 mm

Springs for Medical Instruments, Auto Parts, Electronic Products, Lighting, Sewing machines, Fax machines, Printer machines, Electric Products, Switches and Other industrial parts.

Material: Piano Wire, Stainless Steel, High Carbon Steel, Nickel Plated, Zinc Plated, Phosphorus Bronze, Copper Bronze, Beryllium Copper.

Wire form springs, compression springs, tension springs, extension spring, helical springs, spiral springs, strip springs, spiral springs, battery springs and free form springs.

公司名称: 友力弹簧企业有限公司