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专业双向自动送弹簧通管器 Hot

产品型号:DA00012 原产地:台湾


Excellent for cleaning small line. Opens clogged lavatory, sink lines, urinals and tub or shower drains

Drill is no included

Dual Powered Operation :
 Use manually or with any drill up to 1000 RPM.
2-way Auto Feeding Device :
 No more messy cable handling.
 Adjust the lever to feed or retract the cable

Patent Pending

Feature :
 2-Way Auto Feeding device to feed or retract the cable during operation,no need to stop and change the drill direction. Remove clog more efficiently.
 Dual Powered Operation : Manual or any drill up to 1000RPM
 Feeding nut applies needed force to drive cable, even when slippery
 Cable option :
 5⁄16" (8 mm) x 30’ (9.1m) cables with nylon core best for 3/4" to 1 1/2" (20 mm to 40 mm) lines.
 3⁄8" (10 mm) x 30’ (9.1m) cables best for 1 1/4" to 2 1/2" (30 mm to o 75 mm) lines.
 Light weight and easy maintainence.
 High impact poly drum housing for long lasting durability, rust proof.

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