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产品型号:LAS-005 原产地:中国 材质:metal 颜色:blue


Feature: 1. Crimping range: 0.25mm2-10mm2 non-welding pre-insulated terminal 2. LAS-005 specialized on crimping the wiring. Ilaid design on the die without nut riveted you can change the die on pull out the pin, and push into the pin to the position to fast the intendented die. 3. LAS-005 the dies are kept in the two handle, easy to storage and using directly. 4. With locked set of gear-ratchet design. DIE available 3 sets Crimping range 0.5-6mm2 for insulated terminal 0.5-10mm2 for insulated and non-insulated cable end-sleeve. 0.5-10mm2 for non-insulated cable terminal

公司名称: 台州巨力工具有限公司
联络人: 张清清 (销售经理)
陈超 (经理)