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■ Originator of in-hospital professional medical supply stores
Wellcare Health Care Supply was founded in 1989 using its affiliation with the U.S. Medline company to provide supplies to health care services as its main area of business, investing in long-term operation of in-hospital stores. Now after more than 10 years of operation, we have become the medical supply industry leader in major health care systems by establishing a good reputation!
■ Professional services, retail chain are the driving forces behind Wellcare
Wellcare provides professional medical advice for consumers through our healthcare professionals from National Taiwan University, Veterans General Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial, Mackay Memorial Hospital and other major long-term health care, nursing, pharmacy, dietetic and nutrition experts as well as physical therapists, long-term care nurses and other related professionals.Each store has an average of 2.25 licensed health care professionals.Our courteous retail service personnel who have comprehensive medical knowledge and experience will not only be able to provide timely medical education and consulting but moreover in accordance with the needs of patients at various times can provide a range of in-hospital and post-discharge services. For general nutrition, health care, beauty and sustenance of health, based on the needs of individual consumers, we can help combine the necessary medical supplies with professional and friendly service as the driving force behind Wellcare!


健康食品, 外科用敷料, 医疗仪器, 家用纺织品, 复健整型器材, 工具应用软体, 诊断器材, 物理治疗及保健医材


生产模式: ODM 设计加工, OBM 自有品牌
公司名称: 美德耐股份有限公司