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T-MOSAICBIKES was established in 2002, located in Taichung which has the best weatherand best bike environment in Taiwan.Atthe beginning, we are just doing retailer for bike spare parts and importingsales. The orientation, we are specializing in high-end markets, bike in the shopand spare parts are belonging to medium-high price.* Dueto the experiences be a retailer channel, it lets T-MOSAIC BIKES to realize thebusiness opportunities in the markets very sensitive and let the designed productsmore close to customers’ requirements.Our products are exportingto Asian mainly and a portion of products to Europe and America. In thefuture, please contact with us for more detailed information. We look forwardto our products can create more profit for your company and increase marketshare.


自行车车架, 淑女车, 自行车


生产模式: ODM 设计加工, OBM 自有品牌
公司名称: 铁马赛克有限公司