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Established in1977, we have engaged in these professional fields more than 26 years. Mainly, we export our machines to south-east Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East. And we have enjoyed an excellent reputation for our items in Taiwan.
Our main lines of products can be divided into 5 categories as below:
1.)Fully automatic printing and packing machine.
2.)Metal stretch net making machine.
3.)Cotton bud making plant.
4.)Incense-making machine series.
5.)Full set of plant equipments for bamboo & wood productions.
For years of research and technological improvements, we trust that our products are good at quality and its functions. Moreover, we can according to our customers' requirement to design new patent machine.


油漆刮刀, 刮刀, 泥水工具, 建筑用镘刀, 金属扩张网制造机械, 制香机械, 全自动印刷包装机, 牙签包装机, 全自动吸管包装机, 香环制造机, 餐巾纸封口包装机, 平面自动网印机, 金属网编织机, 金属线材之其他加工机, 金属线材制品加工机, 封口机

公司名称: 皇佶企业有限公司
地址: 506 彰化县福兴乡龙舟路106号
电话: 886-4-778-0017
传真: 886-4-777-6089, 778-0647
网址: www.hwangjyue.com