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LED Wireless Dimmer Driver
LED Wireless Dimmer Driver Hot

產品型號:ASM-CI4124 原產地:中國 材質:ABS+PC fire retardant 顏色:White


Suitable for house decorations, Argo Smart’s remote control dimmer series is a smart dimming system that responds to the firm’s wall panel controllers, remote controllers, wireless LED drivers and LED light fixtures (including those from other brands), and enables easy adjustment of brightness of LED lights.

Also notable is that the system obviates the need for cord management products between LED lights and switch panels as an ideal building material option for smart houses. The remote control function of this series can be enabled by both a wall panel controller and remote controller at the same time. This Wireless Dimmer LED Driver is part of the remote control dimmer series.

1. Ultra low power design, standby current: 220V 25uA (less than <1W).
2, working voltage: AC input 85~265V (50/60Hz), DC output 32-42V-500mA, two sets of output.
3, power factor: >0.9.
4, dimming function: no pole dimming 0%~100%.
5, color modulation: no polar color 0%~100%.
6, interface standard: external connection input.
7, receiving frequency: 315 MHZ 433 MHZ 2.4.
8. Ambient temperature - 20 to 50 degrees centigrade

LED Wireless Dimmer Driver
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