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Air Guard Disinfect, deodorize, and clean air-conditioning system

Air Guard Disinfect, deodorize, and clean air-conditioning system

Popular Models AG-800X


The AG-800X is a quick and easy to use sanitizer that is effective in smaller spaces like automobiles, offices and in homes.
Automotive Application
Most Advance Nano Grade Antibacterial and Air Conditioning Cleaning Technology
Air Guard AG-800X is compact, easy to move and provides high output with low consumption and is used together with FLE antibacterial fluid. The fogging process both disinfects the car and cleans and maintains the vehicle’s air-conditioning system ensuring passenger health and safety. It also won’t harm the vehicle’s interior, electronics, leather, wooden veneer, fabric, paint, etc.

Product Features
Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing technology
Near Nano-sized sanitizing fog can instantly fill both large and small rooms as well as covering hard to clean your regular surfaces.
The active ingredient in the FLE solution is so nontoxic it is even approved by the US FDA as safe for use as a food additive.
Air Guard was founded by cutting-edge biotechnology professionals within M22 Moisture Co., Ltd. joining forces with ANTARI, an industry leader with over 40 years of experience in the research and development of fog machine technologies. We are a brand that focuses on disinfection in everyday life.

Taking advantage of our long-term global marketing experience, our R&D team focuses on listening to the needs of the market to develop effective high-tech disinfection products. Using our technical expertise to find simple ways to enhance the safety of living spaces by reducing germs in the environment.

Air Guard fog Series Features:

The antibacterial fog nano-grade ultra-fine particles collide with floating respiratory aerosols and are absorbed thereby inactivating both bacteria and viruses. The fogging process also eliminates bad odors.
Air Guard is an industry leader with over 40 years of manufacturing experience. The machine’s vaporization particle size is <0.3 µm (1/10 the size of most other aerosol generators on the market). This allows for low noise, and ultra-dry fogging without any unwanted moisture.
Even without any airflow or circulation, Brownian motion causes the fog to completely fill the intended area and stay in the air for more than 60 minutes which enhances the overall antibacterial effect.
The process is not harmful to any materials, electronic equipment, leather, wood, cloth, paintings...etc.
Having undergone TUV EU (SVHC) testing and toxicity analysis(CMR). The proprietary Air Guard FLE solution does not contain any harmful substances.
The fog enters deep into air-conditioning systems reducing dirt, dust, and bacteria and also leaves an anti-fouling antibacterial protective film within the cooling system. This eliminates odors and also the enhances the cooling systems efficiency saving energy and money.
Does not require the cleaning or wiping down of surfaces after fogging.
Penetrates into places that can’t be reached by any other means such as gaps, dead corners, air conditioning ducts, etc., and also forms a 90-day long-lasting antibacterial protective film on surfaces.
Laboratory has proven to have 99.99% antibacterial effectiveness. Completely eliminates various bacteria such as Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria, and also eliminates viruses, fungi, yeast...etc.

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