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產品型號:BJAABP+SS 原產地:台灣


*The machine is especially designed for making T-shirt bags with high production. It can manufacture bags from input film to output products by two auto high-speed production lines. If any problems occur during operations, this machine will automatically stop and the alarm will sound. It not only avoids wasting bags, but also protects the machine itself.
*It uses PLC and a Touch Control Panel for easy operations. When the machine suddenly stops, a message will show on the Touch Control Panel to advise the operator. The provides fast and convenient troubleshooting.
*This machine utilizes a servomotor for sending film and ensuring accuracy of bag length. The machine remains accurate and can be easily maintained in the future.
*The machine is equipped with auto-feeding equipment, connected to the main machine. This keeps plastic bags correctly tensioned.
*High quality components reduce machine failure rate.
*Installation of Air-blowing device ensures stable condition when machine sends film.

公司名稱: 百久塑膠機械有限公司