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Established in 1984, The Jiu Yi Machinery Co., Ltd. has profound experiences of research and development of plastics and rubber machineries and realized its dream as a leading professional manufacturer and exporter after long term hard work and commitment.
In the beginning, Jiu Yi has engaged in the plastic extrusion machines manufacturing with excellent production techniques and full research and development strategies, which resulted in

refined plastics and rubber machineries to improve production efficiency significantly. When it comes to more recently, Jiu Yi has launched its 4300mm mainframe extrusion laminator, a brand new model generating excellent performances and scoring a strong overseas sale. This progress has shown that Jiu Yi is totally committed to up-grading technologies of plastics extrusion machineries in Taiwan.
Depending upon his 20 years working experiences in the field of extrusion machineries, Mr. Wu-Hsiung, President of Jiu Yi, leads the company right to the international competition and Has created products with better technical know-how than those from Japan.
Trying not only to introduce the best available production techniques but also operation safety, as well as stable after sale service, Jiu Yi insists on professionalism to offer automated and standardized services and promotes production lines to the whole world in countries like U.S.A., Canada, U.K., South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and so on.
Jiu Yi will always be earnest in business principle to provide & meet the challenging from clients, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your favorable comments and Jiu Yi is the only one who has supplied the highest quality with reasonable price in Taiwan for years. So, JIU YI is the best choice & partner of cooperation in the field of plastic extrusion.


淋膜機, 塗佈機, 乾式貼合機, PE/PS發泡板材製造機, PP/HIPS/GPS/PET製板機, 單面/雙面/三明治積層淋膜貼合機 (工業用: 牛皮紙, 編織布(袋), 雨帆布, 水泥袋, 發泡布, 紙杯, 其他紙類等及食品包裝材料: 玻璃紙, BOP, OPP, CPP, 鋁箔紙, 其他塑膠膜等), 扁紗製造機 (編織袋, 雨帆布等), 圓絲製造機 (繩索, 蚊帳, 魚網, 刷子, 釣魚線, 梳子線, 縫紉線, 拉鍊等), 發泡板材製造機 (免洗餐盒, 漢堡盒, 餐盤, 蛋盒等), 發泡布材製造機 (電子與電機零件, 儀器, 瓷器及農業, 建築業用防護, 彈性吸震, 隔熱之包裝布, 袋等), 發泡網材製造機 (水果, 瓷器, 酒瓶之防護包裝網)

公司名稱: 勝家精密科技股份有限公司