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With more than two decades in the industry, JYH HUEI has become one of the leading manufacturers of hand tools in Taiwan, providing high-quality screwdrivers to customers worldwide, and has established a solid reputation in the field.

Our products feature safety, ergonomic design, high performance, and high efficiency, meeting GS & VDE standards. We will always fulfill customer requirements with superior-quality products, punctual delivery and excellent business services.

Find the best screwdrivers at JYH HUEI.


螺絲起子組, 螺絲起子/配件, 起子刀頭


生產模式: ODM 設計加工, OBM 自有品牌
外銷市場: 全球
公司類型: 製造商
公司名稱: 志輝塑膠股份有限公司
地址: 412 台中市大里區中興路一段2巷81弄101號
電話: 886-4-2493-7872
傳真: 886-4-2493-7886
網址: www.jyh-tools.com