Tue, 13 Apr 2021 13:08:19 +0800 https://www.cens.com 東莞市白楊裝飾材料有限公司 最新產品列表 東莞市白楊裝飾材料有限公司 https://www.cens.com 東莞市白楊裝飾材料有限公司 www.CENS.com Tue, 26 Feb 2008 11:32:56 +0800 螺絲起子 氣動螺絲起子 氣動螺絲起子
型號: NY-2303
螺絲攻拆能力: 4-5cm 轉速: 800rmp 最大扭力: 23-92KGF/cm 更多內容]]>
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Tue, 26 Feb 2008 11:09:34 +0800 封邊條 Non-textile Cloth Roll Edgebands Non-textile Cloth Roll Edgebands
Specification: Length: 120MM, Width: 10-150MM, Thickness: 0.45-0.75MM Advantage: 1. Keep the production continuity and improve the work efficiency. ... 更多內容]]>
https://www.cens.com/cens/html/zh/product/product_main_48092.html 東莞市白楊裝飾材料有限公司
Tue, 26 Feb 2008 11:34:39 +0800 封邊條 Laminated Edgebans Laminated Edgebans
Specification: Length: 0.3-3.2M, Width: 10-150MM, Thickness: 0.45-4MM Advantage: 1. Manufacture according to the customer` s need, reduce waste, and ... 更多內容]]>
https://www.cens.com/cens/html/zh/product/product_main_48098.html 東莞市白楊裝飾材料有限公司
Tue, 26 Feb 2008 11:24:22 +0800 封邊條 Glue-smelting Edgebands Glue-smelting Edgebands
Specification: Length: 120m Width: 10-150mm Thickness: 0.8-1.1mm Advantage: 1. Suitable to the furniture pieces with certain radian. 2. Conven... 更多內容]]>
https://www.cens.com/cens/html/zh/product/product_main_48099.html 東莞市白楊裝飾材料有限公司
Tue, 26 Feb 2008 11:26:41 +0800 封邊條 Stop-line Laminated Edgebands Stop-line Laminated Edgebands
Specification: Length:0.2-2.8M Width:10-150MM Advantage: Cohere flakes according to the customer` s request, and the aspect will imitate the good so... 更多內容]]>
https://www.cens.com/cens/html/zh/product/product_main_48100.html 東莞市白楊裝飾材料有限公司