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Golden Pin Design Award Showcases Taiwan`s World-class Design


Hoping to establish a well-known brand for Taiwan's rapidly emerging design industry, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the first Golden Pin Design Award (GPDA) in mid-2009, replacing the Taiwan Design Award (TDA) as the highest profile national d

Rooster Lighting Is Known For Innovative Solar Module and Solar Tile


Apparently showing its professional pride in its corporate name since its founding in 1989, Rooster Lighting Co. Ltd., has achieved ample success by winning many citations for excellence in solar-lighting design, highlighted by the Reddot Design Award 2008 of Germany. The company's product lin

Looking at the Brightness of the Future of LED Lighting


With lighting burning around 20% of the total electricity consumed globally, LED (light emitting diode), due to smaller size, energy efficiency, longer lifespan and quicker activation than traditional lighting sources, is regarded as the answer to future lighting needs of the 21st century, especial

Glimpse Device Center--Contract product designer for manufacturing industries


While media, industry and official agencies are promoting the merits of design as a means to upgrade the overall competitiveness of manufacturing in Taiwan, a handful of product designing companies on the island have been quietly helping to push many OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or subcont

Global Lighting Industry Glimmers Amid Gloom Worldwide


Light Middle East While world economies of all levels seem to be floundering, the spiraling oil prices have in the past year literally pumped even more wealth into the already recession-proof Middle East, where major infrastructural projects, including off-the-scale hotels, have reportedly been te

Light+Building 2008 Goes Green to Meet Global Demand for Eco Products


More important than its once-two-year staging is that the lighting and building sectors are two pivotal economic drivers-with lights of all kinds consuming a significant proportion of overall power input generally and building sectors being the foundation upon which so many other downstream economi

Joe Huang Tries to Differentiate ARTC via Enhancing Value


Joe Huang, president of Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC), one of the most comprehensive vehicle testing and R&D platforms in Asia, is trying to make his center more different and create more values over next few years though ARTC already runs several global-leading test labs proved by ma

Taiwan to Draft Standards for LED Lamps in Two Years


With the development of LED lighting being taken for granted as a key route along the global trend to build more green lighting solutions, the Taiwan authorities, to show its seriousness to both upgrade and standardize codes for LED streetlighting, plans to draft a uniform set of standards for such

OmniTronix a Famous Brand for Ballasts and LED Drivers


As a leading lighting parts manufacturer in Taiwan, OmniTronix has turned out high-end electronic ballasts, transformers, LED drivers, emergency light units, and dimmers under its own "OmniTronix" brand. Available on the world market for more than a decade, OmniTronix lighting parts have receive

Average office vacancy rate hit 3-year low of 6.3% in Taipei in Q1


Taipei, April 6, 2005 (CENS)--The average vacancy rate for A-class rental offices in Taipei hit a three-year low of 6.3% in the first quarter of this year and the average monthly rental rebounded to 2003's level of NT$2,200 (US$64.71 at US$1 = NT$34) per ping (1 ping = 36 sq/ft), according to a rep

LED Lighting Industry Expects a Bright Future


With a recent technological breakthrough in gallium-nitride (GaN) light-emitting diode (LED) materials and the growing maturity of the blue- and green-light LED production process, optoelectronic semiconductors are poised to bring about a revolutionary change in the world lighting industry. LED

Class Technology Unveils Smart Lighting Equipment


Class Technology Co., Ltd. Is promoting two attractive new lighting products. One is an infra-red sensor which turns lights on when moving objects are detected. The other is a three-in-one emergency lamp. The sensor, 22 millimeters wide, 41 mm long, and 38 mm in height, has a maximum detection

Taiwan Manufacturers Use Innovation To Win Market Niches


Change is a vital requirement for products that hope to maintain market share, and in the ever-changing world of today products strive to catch the eyes of consumers with novelty, freshness, and distinctiveness. Manufacturers, of course, do everything they can to equip their products with these fea

Taiwan Firms Find High-end Niche In Industrial/Commercial Lighting


Over the past two decades, most of Taiwan's lighting-fixture makers have shifted their production to mainland China in search of lower costs, but most of these firms have discovered that the move across the strait is not necessary to the maintenance of global competitiveness. The answer, instead

Taiwan Makers Transform Operations For High-End Market


With support from a powerful electronics industry, Taiwan has become one of the world's leading suppliers of electronic transformers. As electronic models have come to the forefront of the local industry, manufacturers are moving production of their lower margin conventional products to mainland Ch

Breathing New Life Into Taiwan`s Lamp Industry


After a decade of turning to mainland China as a low-cost production site, Taiwan lighting-fixture makers increasingly see their local start-ups in their neighbor to the west as a significant threat in low-margin markets, forcing them to exploit new niche markets higher up the industry's food chain

CETRA to dispatch trade mission to the Middle East in May


Taipei, March 6, 2003 (CENS)--The semi-official trade promotion organization China External Trade Development Council (CETRA) is scheduled to dispatch a trade mission to the Middle East in May, thus developing the market opportunities in the region, CETRA officials said yesterday. Comprising 20