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Industrial parts

1.Customized service, as long as you have any modeling needs, we have a professional mold designer, you make custom molds.
2.The discharge produces spark cutting, and tooling becomes shape manufacturing. During the electrical discharge machining, there is no contact between the tooling electrode and the workpiece electrode, and the most accurate mold is created.
3.Equipment and molds are expensive to manufacture and are suitable for mass production. The cost of producing goods for customers is very low.
4.The operation of heating the green member to a suitable temperature to increase its mechanical strength and hardness is called sintering.
5.For the finished Workpiece, high-precision machining is carried out through CNC automation equipment to make perfect Workpiece.
6.We have three-dimensional measuring instrument, image measuring instrument and other instruments, as well as professional measurement QC quality control team to strictly control the quality of the workpiece.