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Vehicle security alarms, wireless immobilizers, smartphone remote control & tracking, parking sensors and related accessories

Sep 30, 2017 Ι Supplier News Ι TESOR PLUS CORP. Ι Auto Parts and Accessories Ι By Alan Lu, CENS
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Founded in 1989 by top management professionals and expert R&D engineers, Taiwan-based Tesor Plus Corp., specializes in the design and manufacture of various vehicle security alarms, wireless immobilizers, smartphone remote control & tracking, parking sensors and related accessories.

In response to the continuously climbing popularity of smartphones incorporated with biometric identification technologies for enhanced security, Tesor launches BT-25HD/4.0 Smartphone Fingerprint Wireless Relay Immobilizer as a product of the firm''s profound knowledge about auto electronics.

Being compatible with around 80 percent of existing car models on the market, the relay immobilizer can be paired with up to 5 smartphones installed with a specific App, and disarmed through fingerprint recognition on a paired smartphone before the engine is started. It automatically arms the wireless relay after ignition is turned off.

Moreover, the optional key-sharing mode allows users to share their cars installed with the immobilizer to their family members and friends, mainly via authorization key-sharing codes generated in this mode.

As a thoughtful design for practical use, users can also disable the connection between the immobilizer and paired smartphones through the delete lost smartphone function in case that their originally paired devices are lost.

With the App compatible with iOS and Android, the immobilizer can be usable in iPhones and Android OS smartphone.

Assuring car owners of greatly increased security, the wireless relay immobilizer is targeted at users in advanced countries in Europe and North America, where smartphones have become an essential tool for daily life.

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