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NUSHARP Inc. specializes in the development and production of cutters and shears utilizing state-of-the-art production equipment and advanced technologies.

The company says it has accumulated unmatched expertise in the development of innovative products that are perhaps the most ergonomic in the market, many of which are patented.

For instance, the firm recently introduced a new series of cutters especially designed for cutting Kevlar fiber. To date, only producers in the United States, Germany, and Japan are capable of turning out such products. The company boasts it is Taiwan's first producer to venture into the production of Kevlar cutters.

"We spent four years to complete research on the Kevlar cutters," NUSHARP's spokeman T.C. Huang says. "The Kevlar cutters will replace general cutters for special application purposes in many industries."

The company uses specialized materials undergoing heat treatment and ground processes to make the products. The Kevlar cutters are capable of cutting bulletproof vests.

NUSHARP boasts its Kevlar cutters and shears are suitable for a wide range of applications to optical fiber, defense appliances, fireproof clothes for industrial use, and aerospace industry.

Recently, the company introduced a nine-inch multi-purpose shear featuring a 3mm wire cutter. The new product measures 225mm in full length and 55mm in cutting length. With a spring mechanism, the shear can help users alleviate fatigues and is convenient for both right-and left-handed users.

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