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About CENS.com

CENS.com is Taiwan’s first B2B sourcing website, containing a huge amount of information on hundreds of thousands of product items, with over 1 million professional buyers registered. CENS.com was originally operated by CENS, and now is by Economic Daily News, a business division of UDN (United Daily News) Group, after CENS was merged into UDN in June, 2016. This high-profile website works to receive over 1,000 inquiries from global buyers every day, to become the best platform for Taiwanese suppliers to enhance their global exposures.

About Economic Daily News (EDN)

Established on April 20, 1967, EDN is Taiwan’s first, largest economic and business newspaper, which emphasizes local and global economic and financial news. With news coverage including commerce, industry analysis, equity and bond markets, and commodities, EDN has seen the number of its circulated copies exceed 360,000 daily, widely deemed as an authoritative voice of Taiwan's economic community.

Dedicated to helping foster Taiwan’s economic development, EDN has for the years ventured into organizing various exhibitions targeted at local businesspersons, as well as other educational, entertaining events open to ordinary people, most of which have effectively pumped momentum into local economy and regarded as resounding success among Taiwanese people. It is not overstated that the news agency is increasingly wielding its positive influence over Taiwan’s media and society.

Services CENS.com Provides


CENS.com offers a variety of e-magazines online, which can be downloaded and viewed for free by registered buyers from all over the world, and allow them to indirectly place inquiries for products of their interest during reading. Such e-magazines differ from conventional buyers’ guides for offering unlimited convenience on inquiring. Buyers are easily informed of the publishing of new issues of such e-magazines through monthly e-newsletters, new publication notifications, and related information stored in disc magazines or USB drives given away by CENS at global trade fairs, hence staying updated in real time with the latest information on Taiwanese suppliers advertising on such e-magazines..

Industry News & Supplier News

CENS boasts a group of experienced, professional journalists, who can write various English industry reports and suppliers news in tune to market trends and customer’s requirements, so as to interest global buyers visiting CENS.com with copious, valuable information and therefore ensure effective xposures of advertisers with its high web traffic.

Global Pass Multi-lingual sourcing guide

Global Pass is a multilingual news report service, used to produce news stories on suppliers and new products in optional nine regional languages (Russian, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Persian, Burmese, Indonesia, Thai and Vietnamese) as required by advertisers.Such service enables its users to better pique interest of buyers with interesting news stories written in their mother languages, so as to faster penetrate their target markets and build brand images and distribution channels locally.

This service is particularly well-fitted to companies looking forward to exploring emerging markets where English is not prevailing, and can help them to establish a distinguishing profile over competitors there easily.