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Jan 14, 2005 Ι Supplier News Ι Hardware & Tools Ι By Quincy, CENS
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Suction Industrial Co., Ltd. Recently developed what management states is a "killer-application" lubrication item, the A-508CS angle-free-rotation, continuous-operation pneumatic grease gun, providing an industry-beating choice for the professional market.

The A508CS is advertised as having three major advantages. First, a worldwide-patent angle-free-rotatable grease-canister design that allows use of the gun in confined spaces.

Second, a continuous-operation pneumatic motor ensures smooth and continuous grease flow, with automatic priming. In releasing the trigger the grease supply is immediately stopped. Management states this function is especially suitable for lubrication tasks that requires large grease quantities.

Third, a butterfly-lock screw at the back end of the gun body fixes the grease canister at a selected position, in full accordance with an individual user's preference, working habits, and working environment.

The A-508CS can be ordered with a 28-piece combination kit, which includes the air grease gun, a metal bend spout, a 12-inch high-pressure nylon house, a manually operated fun head, a 1/4-inch quick-release coupler, a 1/4-inch hose fitting, a grease coupler, 10 grease fittings, six wrenches (10mm to 17mm), a pair of long-nose pliers, a pair of slip joint pliers, a Philips-head screwdriver, a cabinet-tip screwdriver, and a hexagon wrench.

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