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Jan 14, 2005 Ι Supplier News Ι Hardware & Tools Ι By Ken LPM, CENS
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A professional screwdriver maker founded in 1978, Yun Chan Industry Co., Ltd. Is now promoting two attractive new models--a patented ratchet screwdriver and a patented bit set.

The two tools are patented for the design of their external appearance. The screwdriver comes in two models, one equipped with an angle-adjustable shaft and the other featuring a fixed shaft. Both types have a dual-color grip of TRP and PP rubber.

The screwdrivers' shafts can be jointed with Philips and slotted drivers whose hex joints are below a quarter inch.

In the bit set there are 14 bits and a joint. They are packed in a sleek, appealing metal box. These bits are made of S2 power steel, making them ideal tools for power tools.

Yuan Chan's tools are closely examined, in-house, with German-made (Schatz) testing equipment. The company is currently one of the few Asian tool suppliers equipped with renowned type of machinery for testing torque.

The firm's exports are divided almost equally between Europe and North America.

Yun Chan Industry Co., Ltd.
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