Taiwan Auto, PTW Makers Actively Recruiting To Launch Expansions

Dec 24, 2003 Ι Industry In-Focus Ι Auto Parts and Accessories Ι By Quincy, CENS
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At least four major auto manufacturers and two powered two-wheeler (PTW) makers on the island are now actively recruiting new talented professionals, reversing theircompared with their aggressive employee streamlininged in the face of the global downturn over the past few projects in previous years, in a bid to further preparation for aggressive expand their territories in overseas expansion effortsbusiness.

The four auto makers are Yulon Motor Co. (which in partnership with Nissan of Japan is its partner), China Motor Corp. (Mitsubishi of Japan), Kuozui Motors Ltd. (Toyota of Japan), and Ford Lio Ho Motor Co. (Ford of the U.S.). T; while the two PTW companies are include Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd. (selling under the SYM brand) and Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd. (KYMCO brand).

Both Yulon (flagship firm) and China Motor, (affiliate) are with the flagship and affiliate of the Yulon Group, the largest automobile production conglomerate in Taiwan. , Each plans to an to respectively recruit about 100 or more new employees to accommodate meet the requirements from their rapidlyly increasing overseas businesses, especially in mainland China.

Senior officials with China Motor, the No. 2 auto seller in Taiwan both last year and this, report that the firm has already recruited over 100 professionals for various departments since the initiative began early this year but that this effort has still fallen short of satisfying the company's business-expansion needs in overseas markets including mainland China, India, Southeast Asia, and the U.S. The firm plans to recruit an additional 150-plus employees with expertise in planning, marketing, product R&D, and quality control.

Under the requests from Ford China, Ford Lio Ho is scheduled to recruit 20 to 30 experienced and talented professionals in the island and send them to mainland China. Kuozui, however, is also planning to recruit new employees to meet the requirement generated from its scheduled capacity elevation.

Yulon vice president Wu Hsin-fa says that withafter his company's recent formal separation into two independent enterprisescompanies, including the Yulon Motor (which continues as a multi-focus auto manufacturer) and Yulon-Nissan Motor (a joint venture that will concentratinge on the Nissan-brand business in Taiwan and the rest of Asia, including product development, marketing and sales, in Taiwan and the rest of Asia), the a greater part of the original Yulon Motor's original R&D and procurement staffofficials were transferred to Yulon-Nissan to serve as a component ofthus to join Nissan's global division-of-labor platform. To meet the needs of its rapidly growingincreasing business development at Yulon's mainland China subsidiary Aeolus Motor Corp. and an auto- sales venture there, Wu explains, Yulon will continuously recruit 100 R&D and marketing talents, let them train themed in Taiwan, and have them ready to support the company's mainland operationsbusiness in the mainland.

Some senior officials of China Motor, the No. 2 auto seller in Taiwan in last and this year, say that China Motor has recruited over 100 talented professionals since early this year but still fell short of the company's need in business expansion in different overseas markets, including mainland China, India, Southeast Asia, and the U.S.

China Motor plans to recruit additional over 150 employees with expertise in planning, marketing, product R&D, and quality control fields thus to meet its personnel requirements.

In response to a request from Ford China, Ford Lio Ho has already recruited about 30 experienced auto-industry professionals on the island with the intent of sending them to mainland China. The firm

Ford Lio Ho, which has been the fourth-largest automaker in Taiwan in each of the past two years, says that will also soon it begian the recruitment ofing another 30-plus cadre in Taiwan for over 30 R&D, marketing, manufacturing, and procurement in support professionals from Taiwan under the Commission of Ford China. The Taiwan subsidiary claims that its local operation will not be affected by Ford U.S.'s recent job-cutting program,ject and will maintain its existing contingent a basic number of 600 persons in at its administration department.

Kuozui requires new talent to facilitate scheduled production-capacity expansion. Management is

Kuozui is also actively evaluating a new employee- recruitment project thus to meet the added workloads generated from the company's capacity-elevation plan that will enable it to jump output by , from about 94,000 cars to 100,000 units next year.

PTW Makers

Both of the two top-two PTW makers in Taiwan, Sanyang and Kwang Yang, have started aggressive projects to expand their global business operations. The two companies have set up global administrativeoperation and R&D headquarters onin the island and have been actively developing their international sales organizations in an attempt thus to compensate for the decreased sales volumes in the steadily ever-shrinking domestic PTW market.

Starting almost simultaneously, a few years back the two bIn almost a simultaneous step started few years ago, both Sanyang and Kwang Yang have been egan aggressively taking advantageeyeing of the booming market in several Southeast Asia nations, including India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam etc., after setting up production facilities in mainland China. .

Both the two major PTW makers in Taiwan will launch have new employee- recruitment initiativesprojects scheduled in early next year in a search for talent to help in ed professionals in marketing, procurement and financial fields in thus to support of their overseas business deployment.

Kwang Yang president Chen Fu-an says that the overseas production volume from Kwang Yang's two overseas PTW production plants, , including one in mainland China and the another in Indonesia, will be raised grow to about 120,000 units from about 60,000 units this year. In addition, the president adds, Kwang Yang's Taiwan plant is expected to increasefurther elevate the production volumes of suchome newer product liness asincluding health-care electric scooters, all- terrain vehicles (ATVs), and heavy PTW models; sales for these models have been with sales of such new products have good in gradually become smoother in target markets such ased Europe, the U.S., and Latin America markets.

Kwang Yang plans to recruit a total of 15 new employees specialist personnelzed in information technology-, marketing,- and R&D -relevant fields to play a role inhelp prod the company's more active business expansion, project this year and has alsobeen transferred capable employees to more proper positions deemed more appropriate to upgrade to upgrade their contribution to the company's overall competitiveness.

After a series of employee-cutting initiativesprojects in the past few years to solve its parent gGroup's financial woes, which cut staffthe employee number at Sanyang to about 1,800 persons from over 3,000, Sanyang will once again , however, began turn aing profits this year and is planning a offensive business- expansion offensiveproject after years of financial setbacksrestrictions.

According to Sanyang, it is planning to set up two new overseas PTW plants in the coming two years, including one in the Philippines and another in Indonesia, following on top of the the company's existingcurrent manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, mainland China (Xiashing Motorcycle Co., Ltd.) and Vietnam (Vietnam Manufacturing Export Processing Co. Ltd.--VMEP, which runs two plants there).

To enable For future's overseas deployment, Sanyang has recently plans to recruited about 100 professionals in R&D, marketing, and management fields by the end of the year, but there still some seat there are still vacancies. Recruitment will continue until each position is filled Sanyang says that it would continue to recruit the needed new employees until the number is fulfilled.
Taiwan Auto, PTW Makers' Employee RecruitmentProjects
Scheduled Number
Expertise Fields
Work Location
100 persons
Mainly R&D and Marketing
Taiwan, mainland China
China Motor
over-150 persons
R&D, Technical, Quality Control, Marketing & Planning,Manufacturing and Procurement
Taiwan, mainland China
To be Yet decided
R&D and Technical
Ford Lio Ho
20-30 persons
R&D, Technical, Procurement, Marketing
Mainland China
Sanyang100 persons for 2003
R&D, Marketing, Management, Manufacturing, Information Technology,etc. 
Taiwan (prior)
Kwang Yang
additional 20 persons for 2004
R&D, Marketing and Financial
Taiwan (prior)
Source: the companies
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