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Paper tube-making machines, yarn core-making machines and peripheral processi

2009/04/27 | By Ben Shen | CAREER INDUSTRY CORP.

Career Industry Corp. is one of Taiwan's leading suppliers and coordinators of paper-tube making equipment with sales and technical services spreading all over the world. The company has been in this business for over 20 years.

The company has helped customers install hundreds of paper-core making machines in the global marketplace, including mainland China, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, Lebanon, United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Mexico, India, Ecuador, and so on.

Career boasts it has won the trust of outstanding business conglomerates, including Formosa Plastics Group, Asia Chemical Corporation, Chin Tung Chemical Industrial, Four Pillars Enterprise, Asia Pulp & Paper, New Toyo International Holdings, Yunnan Hongta Group, and Rong Sheng Chemical Fibre Group, all of which have adopted the company's paper-core making machines in their production lines.

Hotmelt coating equipment provided by Career.
Hotmelt coating equipment provided by Career.
Hotmelt laminating equipment.
Hotmelt laminating equipment.
Career is an experienced and specialized maker of paper tube-making machines and yarn core-making machines, along with peripheral processing equipment. With the professional know-how it has accumulated since its inception, the company is confident that it provides the best-quality machinery products at reasonable prices.

With strong development and manufacturing capability, Career supplies a very wide range of machinery products to meet the various requirements of customers from the world over. Product series include paper tube-making, paper tube winder, slitter/rewinder, and paper tube-cutting machines, as well as partially-oriented yarn (POY) and drawn twisted yarn (DTY) finishing machines. Its automatic production lines provide loading, cutting, unloading, conveying, polishing/bending, calendaring, grooving, and notching of textile tubes for yarn.

Career claims that it has sold more than 200 sets of production equipment to customers worldwide, and due to the superb quality, durability, and multiple functions of the machines, the company has won a global reputation in the international marketplace for quality products and superior services.

The company has newly developed hot-melt glue coating and laminating machines based on the concept of environmental protection and human health. The machines can be applicable with various materials such as kraft paper, plastic film, metal foil, non-woven textile for many industries, including tag and label, tape, non-woven, textile, PU, PE, PBC, medical supplies, and so on.

Over the past few years, the Career has participated in many world-renowned international exhibitions to step up corporate image and boost overseas sales. The company claims that it always offers the best-quality machines with the highest reliability, production efficiency, and user-friendliness. (BS)

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