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Fonntai Rollform Machinery Corp.

Fully automatic metal sheet cold roll-forming machine


Fonntai Rollform Machinery Corp., established in 2000, is one of Taiwan's most professional manufacturers of customized metal sheet cold roll-forming machines. The company is versed in providing roll forming design and manufacturing solutions.

At present, the company's major product lines are general-type metal sheet cold roll-forming machine, automatic partition system cold roll-forming machine, automatic main bar cold roll-forming machine, automatic cross T-bar cold roll-forming machine, and automatic wall angle cold roll-forming machine, etc. Fonntai is also noted for offering a full range of metal sheet cold roll forming lines.

The production equipment supplied by Fonntai can be widely used in such industrial sectors as metal roof, sliding and metal tile, steel decking, fence posts and rails, C and Z purlins, ceiling tee bars, T grids, studs and tracks, cable trays and support channels, shelving and racking, office furniture, drywall framings, and pre-engineering frames.

Roll forming machine developed by Fonntai.Roll forming machine developed by Fonntai.

Fonntai Rollform Machinery Corp.

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